We are often asked about our name: Cyntropy.


“Just what is cyntropy? Well, it helps if you are familiar with the movie The Terminator. When the machines try to take over the world, And Skynet, the system that was trying to send the world in chaos and destruction.”

In physics, ‘entropy’ is the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. Systems will always decline into chaos. Remember Skynet? It was a the network in the Terminator that tried to take over the world, leading a deep descension into chaos and destruction.  It was a proper force of evil.  Well, this decline

The decline is inevitable – you can’t stop it, but you can slow it! The opposing force is ‘syntropy’. We like to think of our business as this opposing force of good, but with a tech twist.

Above all, we know that investing in people, alongside technical knowledge and expertise, bring.

Cyntropy: are you ready to insert possibility?