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Case Studies

Introducing agile as a way of work

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency wanted a whole-of-agency operational transformation.

 Cyntropy designed and delivered ‘The Agile Way of Working’ across the entire agency, including ICT staff, non-technical staff, policy staff and senior executives.

Improving security maturity

The Department needed to define, measure and report on their security maturity – across people, information and assets.  This included user behaviours, motivations and knowledge.  Cyntropy designed an assessment app, conducted alpha and beta testing, led evaluation and recommendations.

Improving safety and rehabilitation

Our client wanted to improve its rehabiliation management system.  All workers needed it to be simple and easy to understand and manage work-related health outcomes.  The client also needed to show it was meeting its legal obligations, under the watch of the workplace safety regulator.

Helping small businesses do business

Small businesses needed it be to quick and easy to understand the rules for working with local councils across NSW.  Our client wanted a simplified assessment app to determine a business’ ability to comply with WHS requirements.  We led the user research, design, development and alpha testing.

Operations support app for G20

When Australia hosted the G20 Summit, the ‘pop-up’ corporate function needed to monitor, triage and manage all  incidents affecting its 7,000 person workforce. 

We designed and built a Capability Award winning online incident management app. 

Building organisation wide data capability

The Data Management and Analytics Taskforce engaged Cyntropy as a development partner to build data and analytics capability across the entire agency.  Cyntropy co-designed and delivered the programme in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney.

Data governance and user-centred design

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science was implementing a new, agency-wide data quality and governance strategy. 

Cyntropy designed and facilitated the discovery phase and produced the implementation roadmap.

Agile service management and transformation

The agency inherited a 6-fold increase in case workload and didn’t have process architecture or an ICT-based case management system.  Cyntropy used agile principles to design and implement the system.

Developing capability in Senior Executives

The ACT Chief Minister’s Directorate needed a practical way to educate all Senior Executives about managing risks to their workers.

“Kim and the team bring a unique combination of skills and experience to major organizational transformation and strategy development tasks.  They have the breadth of experience to break down complex development challenges into component parts, and run several different types of intervention in parallel.

They can (and have) designed new processes, and refined others; but their real focus is on developing problem-oriented or risk-based capacity, building the skillsets and managerial infrastructure necessary to tackle major issues that don’t align neatly with existing programs or processes. Kim also has a special knack of making difficult work fun, which surely eases the pain!

Professor Malcolm K. Sparrow

Professor of the Practice of Public Management, Harvard University

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