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We’re Cyntropy.

the Coach + the Coder

Cyntropy, established July 2017; launched with our founders jumping out of an aeroplane.

Innovators. Believers of wellness and positive mindsets. Advocates for people.

Lisa Brand

Lisa Brand

Co-founder and Director

The “Coach”

With a background in psychology, Lisa specialises in improving worker wellbeing through organisational change.

She has diverse experience in behavioural and risk-based analysis, and program design utilising quantitative and qualitative methods.

With over 15 years’ experience in strategic review, design and management of workforce capability, health, business compliance and risk, Lisa is a transformation management specialist (powerhouse!).

Kim Herbert

Kim Herbert

Co-founder and Director

The “Coder”

With a background in software engineering and work health and safety (WHS) regulation, Kim specialises in business transformation and data science.

She uses agile and user-centred approaches to integrate human behaviour and technology.

With over 20 years’ experience working across regulatory, systems engineering, compliance and project management domains, Kim is a business compliance specialist (force to be reckoned with!).

“After 20 years of working life, we’ve both finally found our worthy co-conspirator.”

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