Cyntropy (syntropy with a tech twist) will utilise the untapped capability within your systems, processes and tools to curb the systems pull (decline)!  We combine the exquisite nerd skills of a coder with the people skills of a coach to bring greater harmony to the relationship between people and the systems they are using. 

Can I ask you a couple of quick questions?

  • Do you ever do something in your day to ‘satisfy the system’?
  • Have you ever entered the same data more than once to ‘satisfy the system’?
  • Have you ever entered data that you never see again?
  • Have you ever spent time across multiple systems entering the same data in a slightly different way to ‘satisfy the system’? 

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? What now? Take our free Data Quiz.  We’ll provide your results and some immediate actions you can take to start satisfying your team’s mission first and foremost! By satisfying the team’s mission, the system can be satisfied too. 

We build apps that give back your time and save you money. Would you like more space and time to spend working on what really matters?  In under six months, one client saved over 26 months of work time (and significantly cut down admin and duplicated effort).

If you are ready, here are four ways you can work with us:

1.      Take the ‘Data Quiz’ and receive your free assessment

2.      Join one of our free Q&A webinars

3.      Attend one of our upcoming masterclasses – Agile ways of working

4.      Work with us directly, contact – Cyntropy