Cyntropy has again been invited to present at the Managing Regulation, Enforcement and Compliance workshop for the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). We are delighted to be educating others in how to turn the course’s theory into practical, successful outcomes.

This workshop is presented by the highly acclaimed, Professor Malcolm Sparrow with guest presenters including Christine Nixon, APM and our founder Kim Herbert.

Managing Regulation, Enforcement and Compliance
17 – 22 March, 2019
Australia New Zealand School of Government
Sydney, Australia

Professor Sparrow’s workshop will include guest presentations, case studies and interactive discussion about the issues that challenge regulators. The Managing regulation, enforcement and compliance masterclass content will include:

  • strategic public management
  • defining mission and consequences for operational methods
  • pressures for ‘better regulation’
  • the risk-based regulator
  • risk-control and measuring performance
  • managing discretion
  • different regulatory structures
  • categories of risk and the implications for effective control
  • choices and pragmatism in strategy and tactics
  • tackling major risks
  • implementation issues.

We look forward to meeting new people with new problems!